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Bespoke IP

is an alternative to conventional asset management.

Here at Bespoke IP, we set out to answer a common question:

      "Why should an investor pay someone fees if they don't make money?"

The answer is complex, so the industry has gravitated to the simplified response:

      "That's just how it is done."

- Until now...

At Bespoke IP, we believe that stock pickers should be paid for being better than average. More importantly, stock pickers should not be paid for being below average.

The "job" of a stock picker is to make better than average investments. Putting our beliefs into action, we took a fresh approach to the the industry's fee structure. At a high level the solution is clear; define the financial goal and compensate the manager only if those goals are achieved.


From this a few additional core beliefs evolved: 

   Bespoke IP does not have clients, we have partners.

      Bespoke IP is not a registered investment advisor; we are a general partner.

          Bespoke IP co-invests with you so we don't manage your portfolio, we                         manage the partnership portfolio.

Thomas Miller, CFA

With a diverse background in asset management, valuation and corporate leadership, Tom guides Bespoke and our partners' investment process.

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Bespoke IP also partners with you in your philanthropic goals.

Five percent of GP fees will be directed to a charatible organization at the limited partner's direction.

An additional five precent will be directed at the general partner's direction.

Bespoke IP


While you may not be ready to become a Bespoke IP Partner, you may be ready to become one of our Ambassadors.


Ambassadors receive a five to ten percent interest in the general partnership for any introductions that result in a new partner.


Qualified partners contribute a minimum of $5 million to a partnership.

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