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What We Do

Bespoke IP forms partnerships or limited liability companies with one investor in mind - you.

There are no management fees, unless the portfolio outperforms or returns your capital.


    How refreshing...

relative partnerships

It's natural to compare performance relative to an index or some combination of benchmarks. With Bespoke IP, you will create a custom benchmark as simple as one index (the S&P 500 for example) or any combination of indices that fit your target profile.

The goal of the partnership - our job - is to outperform your benchmark.

active partnerships

Active Partnerships seek to reach a nominal return on investment over time, say 100% return. As the General Partner, Bespoke IP will report and review quarterly performance, market sentiment and strategic investment directions.

Asset classes will be heavily focused on marketable securities including equities and derivatives, however, less marketable securities may be utilized depending on portfolio size and targeted investment horizon.

The goal of the partnership - our job - is to generate a 120% return on your capital.

passive partnerships

We recognize there is a place for index investing.  Passive investing is simply a process of sector weighting or asset allocation. The art, science and cost of individual security selection becomes irrelevant in a portfolio that is constructed of index funds.  So why pay the manager a fee to rebalance a 60/40 portfolio, consisting of 6 to 8 funds?  We don't have an answer...

As a result, for every dollar invested in a Relative or Active Partnership, Bespoke IP will monitor and rebalance a portfolio of equal size with a passive asset strategy - at no cost to you.

The goal of the partnership - our job - is to participate with the markets.

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