We simply don't get paid unless we do our job.

relative partnerships

Our Job is to out perform your benchmark.

If the portfolio does not outperform your custom benchmark on a trailing four quarter basis, no fees will be applied. Any returns above the benchmark will be split 50/50 with the GP and LP.

active partnerships

Our Job is to generate 120% return on your capital.


Once the fund has returned 120% of the original investment, Bespoke IP will become a 25% general partner.


Consider the common  "2 & 20" structure in private equity; by contrast, we dropped the recurring annual fee in exchange for a higher success fee.

The managing partner will not earn one cent unless the fund has positive returns.

passive partnerships

There are no fees.

For every dollar invested in either a Relative or Active Partnership, Bespoke IP will monitor and

rebalance a Passive Partnership of similar size.